Look out #Nashville, here I come!

It certainly doesn’t feel like seven weeks since I last blogged, but there you have it: Life, uninterrupted by the pressure of having to write for a living.

All that is about to change though as I break out into new territory, literally and figuratively, as I relocate to Nashville this week. With a job in one hand and plans to restart my business in the other, I am returning to the city where I grew up – Nashvul (you have to pronounce it that way for effect).

I would like to thank Jon Acuff for all his life experience, for never giving up when he didn’t know where the next turn would take him. His book START. has been a huge inspiration to me, as have his daily emails for the past 56 days.

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In early December I started out on the path to find a new career. Untold numbers of applications, and numerous road trips to Nashville for interviews later, I can finally say this: I have a job that will allow me to afford to live while I restart the business I founded five years ago.

A little about what I love to do: More than ten year ago I started volunteering in the communications ministries at my church. I published the monthly newsletter and the weekly bulletins. Having lived on a computer most of my life, and writing for my high school newspaper these seemed a natural fit.

Pretty soon I was pitching the idea of a website for the church and the rest is history. I learned about domain registration, web hosting, Microsoft FrontPage (I know, I didn’t have a clue), and so much more that I eventually honed my skills to be pretty darn good at this Internet thing.

But my passion was and remains, making it simple! Look, I understand, you’re probably the Chief Emotional Officer for your organization, you pour more heart and soul into keeping your baby alive and hopefully thriving than anyone else. And while that is a good thing, it limits your time and ability to learn all the things I have learned over the past 10+ years about website design, social media marketing and the like.

I believe your communications should be beautifully designed, and easily utilized by you or someone on your team. If I could choose two words to describe the impression I hope you get from my approach to how I do business, those words would be elegance and simplicity.

As of the time of this posting, I have not yet even pack up my car and fully moved in to my new digs in Nashville, but if you are wanting to overhaul your online presence with a new website, or need guidance in the world of social media marketing, then please, subscribe to my newsletter for Rooted Up Communications. I would be more than happy to discuss your situation and goals.

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